Time of Day Routing

If you need to branch your voice flow depending on the time of day a call comes in, you can add time of day routing to your call flow by using an API module. Foreexample, this could be used to route the caller to a day time transfer number if they call during the day or a night time transfer number if they call at night.

If the time the caller calls falls within the designated window (see below) the green "pass" node on the API module will be followed, otherwise the flow will follow the red "fail" node.

To set up your API module:

Drag on an API module to the relevant section of your call flow (i.e. the point which you want the time of day routing to be validated).

Click on the API Endpoint icon

Set endpoint URL to https://a.upwire.com/features/sendWindow and Request Type to POST

Click on the API Request Bindings icon 

and add the following bindings:

  • Bind static value your "[upwire username]" to parameter "username"
  • Bind static value your "[upwire passcode]" to parameter "passcode"
  • Bind static value "07:00:00-08:00:00 Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun" to parameter "dtWindow" (note this is the valid send window - change these settings to modify your send window)
  • Bind static value "[timezone]"  to parameter "sendTz" (click here for a list of valid timezones)
  • Bind static value "[timezone]"  to parameter "receiveTz"
  • Bind static value "True" to parameter "deliverRecipientTz"
  • Bind static value "True" to parameter "isImmediate"

Add a new variable: 

  1. click on Assets in the top left of the screen
  2. click on + Add a Variable
  3. rename the variable response

Click on the API Response Bindings icon

Bind response to parameter "response"

Drag on the desired modules to connect to the green pass node (inside window) and the red fail node (outside window) for example a transfer module to an office number (inside office hours) and a transfer module to a cell number of answering service (outside office hours):

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