The Sandpit explained (SMS)

As you use Upwire to power your business messaging needs, you may hear us refer to the "Sandpit". So what exactly is the Sandpit, and what is its purpose?

Mission Control

Think of the Sandpit as the mission control for your flow. It is a visual representation of the flow of your data through your template where you can launch your campaign, split your data for A/B/C testing, and set your master template logic and reporting preferences. 

The Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is where you can:

  • obtain the unique template ID for your flow as well as the current job number if the template has an active job running ("About this Template")
  • buy numbers for to use in your template ("Buy Numbers")
  • push changes to production ("Activate Template")
  • replace or edit the template data added when you set up the template ("Edit Template Data")
  • edit the mapping of your data ("Edit Template Variables")
  • view reporting from your jobs ("Get Collected Data")
  • delete your template ("Delete Template")
  • get your Jobs API to integrate your template to your systems via API ("Show Jobs API")

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