Linking SMS and Voice templates

One of the common use cases for business SMS is to reach your customers via SMS (benefiting from the high open rates that come with SMS) and give them the option to request a call to speak to an agent or to interact with an automated IVR. Upwire makes this very simple. 

To set up a voice call to be triggered from your two-way SMS campaign:

  • In your SMS message content, prompt the recipient to reply CALL if they would like to receive a call back.

  • Add a keyword “Call” in your branching.

  • Add a second SMS module for a reply message (optional)

  • Exit the builder by clicking back to the Sandpit.
  • Click on the green band aid icon in the Sandpit.

  • Set rule 1 settings as “If [SMS template name] transaction contains call”. Rule 2 can be ignored.

  • Click on the green tick once done.
  • Click on the plus icon that has appeared under the band aid icon.

  • Add a voice module. This will trigger an outbound call to the recipient.

  • Click on the voice module and build out the content for the voice call including transferring the call to a live agent if required.

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