How do I use the Record module?

The Record module is used if you require a recording of a particular part of a call. This could be an open ended question, purchase confirmation or verbal acceptance of terms and conditions, for example "After the tone, leave your message. To finish press any key".

Note: if you would like to record your entire call, see Call Recording.

Module Settings

1. Basic Info

Click on the Basic Info icon to rename your module or to set a specific tag for the module.

2. Voice Message

Click on the Voice Message icon to switch the message type from text to speech to WAV file and to select whether you would like to play a beep sound to prompt the beginning of the recording.

3. Record

Click on the Record icon to set the maximum record duration, the maximum silence duration (i.e. the time the system will wait before ending the recording) and to set the termination key to end the recording (optional).

4. Error Handler

Click on the Error Handler icon to set the number of retries you will permit the caller to have if an error occurs and to change the error handler.

5. No Response Handler

Click on the No Response Handler icon to set the number of retries you will permit the caller to have if the caller remains silent and to change the no response handler.

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