How do I set answering machine detection?

For outbound voice campaigns, it is possible to set answering machine detection so the flow will not be followed if the system detects the call is answered by an answering machine, voicemail or automated IVR system.

To activate answering machine detection:

  1. Click on the settings cog on the green settings module at the top of your flow
  2. Check the active box under Automatic Machine Detection


This will add two additional nodes at the bottom of the green settings module. The node with the person icon indicates the system has detected live voice, the node with the telephone icon indicates the system has detected an answering service and the node with the question mark icon indicates the system is not 100% sure. 

Connect each node with a module. E.g. when a machine is detected the call will end.

For more information on how to retry calls that go to answering machine, see How do I set retries if there is no answer or an answering machine is detected?

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